From Design to Industrialization - A user-centered creation process

With a team of engineers with complementary skills, expertise in electronics, hardware design, IT, telecoms, application development and electronic product certification, we can design complete systems and intervene at all stages of the project creation process.

  • Design of innovative IoT solutions
  • Research and development
  • Project engineering


An expertise of listening and analysis to finalize with you a precise and exhaustive specification

Understand - Analyze - Structure – Complete

Architecture & design

Careful optimization of the design of our electronic systems

  • Response to operational restrictions of users
  • Response to quality requirements.



Proof Of Concept

Technological, industrial feasibility and commercial aspects of the product.
(Conception of the first prototypes, demonstrators and preseries)

Test benches - Laboratory tests
Tests on pilot sites - Market tests.



Industrialization phases in France (Made in France label) & abroad with a network of certified subcontractors.

Mastery of manufacture:

  • Demonstrators and prototypes
  • Small series
  • Series of several thousand units per year

Support & documentation

Mastery in certifications and regulatory markings

From advice for industry standards to marketing authorization