From Design to Industrialization

A User Centered Creation Process


Expertise for listening and analysis to complete with you a precise and exhaustive specification of load

Understand - Analyze - Structure – Complete

Architecture & design

Thorough optimization of the design of our electronic systems

  • Response to operational restrictions of users
  • Response to quality requirements.



Proof Of Concept

Technological feasibility, industrial and commercial product.
(Conception of the first prototypes, demonstrators and preseries)

Test benches - Laboratory tests
Tests on pilot sites - Market tests.



Industrialization phases in France (Made in France label) & abroad with a network of certified subcontractors

Mastery of manufacture:

  • Demonstrators and prototypes
  • Small series
  • Series of several thousand units per year

Support & documentation

Mastery in certifications and regulatory markings

From advice for industry standards to marketing authorization