EPASTO : Tracking and tracing solution for farm animals

Leader in farm animal monitoring

AGUILA has developed the EPASTO GPS device to meet the needs of farmers who working on the plain and in summer.
It allows you to geolocate your animal on demand and save precious time when you have to pick it up every day, but also to follow it up and be automatically informed during long periods of summer.


New technologies are being developed

In a research and development approach, we support research laboratories and our partners in the analysis and use of the data collected by our equipment.

EPASTO Benefits

  • Save time
    With EPASTO you no longer need to search for your herd, you will find it directly with your smartphone
  • Be informed
    EPASTO warns you if your animal leave the area you defined
  • Long autonomy
    EPASTO is equipped with a powerful battery offering up to 2 years of autonomy.

EPASTO strengths

The EPASTO tracker

Made in France, solid, waterproof, specially designed for farm animal monitoring and benefiting from exceptional operating autonomy.

The EPASTO interface

Available on all media, smartphones, tablets and computers to locate your herbwherever you are.

The EPASTO service

12 months of service included with the product! EPASTO is equipped with a multi-operator SIM system, essential for operations in areas with low network coverage.

You want to know more?

Visit the EPASTO website to discover our solution