Our technologies

We are specialized in connected electronic solutions

To meet new uses, AGUILA develops resistant, reliable and easy-to-use technologies. We offer engineering services, prototype manufacturing and testing to be able to create fast and complete solutions.

Our expertise and the experience of each member of the team allow us to create a tailor-made offer entirely dedicated to your project.

We work closely with each of our technology partners to merge our knowledges and provide a global solution, tailored to the different needs of our customers.

Communicating objects

Pioneers of Wireless Communication Protocols

SIGFOX • Bluetooth 5 • LoRa • GSM/GPRS/3G/4G
• RFID • WiFi • Zigbee • ISM (868MHz/433MHz)

Miniaturization &
energy optimization

High-tech solutions and small footprint

Research & Development

Collection & Valorization of the data

Capture • Collect • Cloud storage • Analysis • Innovation

Temperature Calibration



Géo-tracking • GPS • GNSS • Galiléo

Demanding environments

Adaptation to hostile and constrained environments.

Our norms

ISO 9001 • EMC • Certifications & qualifications • CE • CE Medical Devices