Our values

Values ​​within AGUILA Technologies

Strong values have been deeply rooted in the heart of our organization since its creation, they guide our daily actions and constitute a solid foundation that all AGUILA employees share and are committed to respect.

These values are the real pillars of our development, and for the past 10 years they have been promoting the sustainable growth of our business.



Initiatives & Innovation

Innovation is the key to our sustainable growth and the manifestation of collaborative qualities and the fusion of talents and skills.

We also cultivate our openness to new ideas and initiatives, our creativity, our ability to learn, communicate and collaborate.

Responsiveness, tenacity and perseverance are essential to drive the dynamics of change.

Continuous improvement

Our activity is based on a dynamic of continuous and permanent improvement.

We implement all the necessary means to satisfy our stakeholders, this requires an in-depth and detailed approach and a methodical analysis of each project.

We are always looking to enrich the existing without limiting ourselves to the results obtained.

Collective actions

Our activities are clearly part of a collaborative and "expanded" logic.

This operating mode promotes synergies, transversality and efficiency. It also allows us to operate in close interaction with our partners, cooperatives and customers because team spirit does'nt stop at the company's doorstep. This is also how AGUILA views its relations with all its stakeholders on a daily basis.