Tailor-made IoT solution

Evolution of geo tracking technologies

The arrival of connected devices (IoT) and low-speed networks (LoRa, Sigfox, NbIoT, ...) offers new possibilities for feedback and information processing. In addition to the position (X,Y and possibly Z), communicating on-board equipment can be connected locally to all kinds of sensors (temperature, level, vibration, opening,...) and upload this data to a central system and/or interact locally with other systems.

We will no longer speak of "GPS box" but of Gateway IoT Mobile: GIMS

The emergence of these networks and means of communication generates a need for interoperability, a need that has prompted manufacturers to consider standardizing telecommunications.

The OneM2M protocol, for example, now allows different objects communicating over different networks to exchange information. It is now possible to set up vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) or vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications offering possibilities for interaction between vehicles. For example, an emergency vehicle could signal its arrival to all other vehicles in its immediate environment.

Technological innovation at the service of your projects:

 Since 2009, AGUILA brings its expertise to create tailor-made IoT projects, adaptable according to use cases. We support you at each step of the deployment of your connected solution and digital transformation project.

Free yourself from the technical complexity of an IoT project and focus on your business.

A high level of flexible and responsive tailor-made support

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With AGUILA's GIMS secure solution, connections are secure between the operating software infrastructure and the elements in the field.

It is possible to imagine several "business use cases" where the embedded system can upload different data and possibly generate local actions based on deterministic algorithms.